Pay 4 Play - 2019

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November 7 & 8, 2019

The People's Pay 4 Play is a 28-hour radio marathon hosted by Nipsey, Jennifer Shade and Earl David Reed from the People's Morning Show  on 105.7 The X to raise money for Children's Miracle Network at Penn State Children's Hospital. During the event, listeners can call in to request songs in exchange for donations. The further the song is from The X's Active Rock Radio format, the higher the donation must be to hear that song on the radio. Of course, you don't HAVE to make a song request. You can simply make a donation to help us reach our goal!


How you can help

  1. Donate online anytime donate during the event by calling 1-800-332-1057. The event runs November 7, 5 a.m. – November 8, 9 a.m.
  2. Set up your own personalized fundraising page as a team or an individual. Invite your family, friends, and coworkers to donate and help you reach your goal.
  3. Visit to view upcoming events and auction prizes
  4. "Like" the Pay 4 Play X Facebook page
  5. Pick up a Pay 4 Play bucket to collect donations - Email us to coordinate 
  6. Participate in an event that benefits Pay 4 Play

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, March 16, 2019: Shamrock Shake Decades Dance
Sunday, April 14: Spin for Kids, Gold's Gym, Linglestown

Saturday, April 27: Bus Trip to NYC 
Sunday, May 5: 445's Bingo de Mayo - Pick Your Prize Bingo Event
Thursday, May 16: X Bike Night with Jen Shade, The Livery
Saturday, May 18: Half Way to Pay 4 Play
Thursday, May 23: The X Bike Night with Jen Shade, TJ Rockwell's
Thursday, May 30: 
Night at the Sons of Italy Lodge
Thursday, May 30: The X Bike Night with Jen Shade, The Cove
Thursday, June 6: The X Bike Night with Jen Shade, Fredricksburg Eagle Hotel
Thursday, June 13: The X Bike Night with Jen Shade, Park Inn

Thursday, June 20: The X Bike Night with Jen Shade, The Livery
Thursday, July 11: The X Bike Night with Jen Shade, Blue and Gray
Thursday, July 18: Fredricksburg Eagle Hotel
Thursdeay, July 25: The Cove
Thursday, August 15: The Cove
Thursday, August 29: TJ Rockwell's
Thursday September 12: Park Inn
Thursday, September 19: Goofy's
Thursday, September 26: The Cove
Thursday, October 10: TJ Rockwell's
Thursday, October 17: Park Inn

Friday, July 26th: Decked Out Live
Thursday, September 19: Comedy Show with Earl David Reed
Thursday and Friday, November 7-8: The People's Pay for Play




How does my gift help kids?

Give a little. Help a lot! Your gift, no matter the amount, will help children and families in need at Penn State Children’s Hospital. Make a donation to Pay 4 Play to help us fill our shopping cart with the items below. Don’t be nervous by the most expensive items! We’ll buy it together, and every dollar helps. Thank you!





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