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2021 #ChildrensHospitalsWeek

Join us on April 19, 2021

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#ChildrensHospitalsWeek: April 19 - 25 

One week. 100,000 kids. Join us this week in sharing the message that for kids and families in the hospital, every week matters. Join us as we raise funds for our newly created patient assistance endowment.

Show your support by:



  • After you give, help us spread the word! Wear a bandage and write the name of a child who has been helped by our hospital. Share your band-aid photo online with the hashtag, #ChildrensHospitalsWeek.


  • Become a #ChildrensHospitalsWeek Sponsor

Being in the hospital is a scary time for kids and families. For some families, food or financial insecurities can make it even more stressful. Imagine you’re already living paycheck-to-paycheck when the unthinkable happens – your child is facing a serious illness or injury.

How will you afford all of the medication? How much will you spend on gas driving to appointments? Will you have to choose between a medical device for your child or paying your heating bill?

This is the reality for many families in our community. That’s why during #ChildrensHospitalsWeek April 19 – 25, we are raising money for our patient assistance endowment, which provides funds after families have exhausted other forms of payment including insurance.

That means your gift will be doubled to help provide:

  • food boxes and meal vouchers
  • clothing vouchers
  • gas cards and taxi fares
  • support for prescription medication
  • durable medical devices

Our goal is to provide support for 100 families. 

"Ayden was born 12 weeks early and needed to stay in the NICU, my husband was out of leave and did not qualify for FMLA. I lost my job due to my medical complications and Ayden's need for an extended hospital stay. As the sole provider for our family, my husband was driving to Erie, working 40 hours in a span of three days and returning to Hershey to be with us in the hospital. At $40 a tank of gas did not come cheap on one income, thankfully we were blessed with gas vouchers that helped soften that blow to our pockets. Each week our NICU social worker would bring a gas voucher and we would take a trip to the Turkey Hill across from the hospital to fill the tank, grab a hot dog and iced tea before my husband would start back on his 5-hour journey home."

                                                                              - Miracle Mom Nicole