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Thank you for helping to change kids' health and the future! As a valued fundraising partner, this is your one-stop shop for all things Children's Miracle Network at Penn State Health Children's Hospital. Below you will find numerous resources to view/download. If there's something you need but don't see, please reach out to me. Thank you for giving kids the #GiftofGrowingUp!

With gratitude, 

Erika Zaborny-Myers
Associate Director, National Partnerships
[email protected]

2021 Virtual Miracle Maker Summit 

Watch the recording of our Virtual Miracle Maker Summit from February 2021! Experience miracle moments, dollars at work examples, virtual engagement best practices, and Q&A sessions. Use the timecodes to jump to the information that's most important to you.

2:15 - New Hospital Tour
10:30 - Children's Hospital Trivia
15:00 - Meet Miracle Child Joella
24:10 - "Streamys" Awards
33:00 - Q&A: Virtual Engagement Best Practices
51:25 - Q&A: The Power of Round Up
1:12:00 - Q&A: Fundraising in a COVID World

Want to showcase your love of CMN in another virtual meeting? Download a custom Zoom background to proudly showcase the number of years you've been supporting #CMNHershey! (click the links below to view the zoom background, right click and save it to your computer, while in Zoom go to your video settings, click 'choose virtual background' and upload the image). 

Less than 1 Year | 1-4 years | 5 - 9 years | 10 - 19 years | 20+ years

Penn State Health Children's Hospital Stats 

Fast Facts |  Infographics
Gifts that Heal
Miracle Journey Goal Tracking Poster
Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Hospitals
Article: Penn State Health pediatrics work overtime to mitigate COVID’s effects
CMN and Children's Hospital logos

General Fundraising Resources

A.S.K. Register Cards
Employee Recognition Certificates
Q4 CMN Hospitals - Giving Sentiments Insights
Miracle Kid Artwork
Thank You Video from Miracle Kids 
Miracle Kids Holding Thank You Letters
4th of July Message from Miracle Child Owen

Round Up

Flyer: When you Round Up, Kids Grow Up
The Power of Round Up (best practices)
Manual Conversion Sheet 
Coin Shortage Case Study
Ask at the Register Insights

Virtual Engagement for In-Store Fundraising

Build Virtual Connections with Miracle Families
Contactless Fundraising Ideas
Virtual Fundraiser Ideas
How to Use Donor Drive (create your own online fundraising page)
 - Ex. Walmart's Donor Drive 2020 page
Miracle Mall (purchase CMN-branded items)

Local Miracle Child Stories

Meet our 2021 Miracle Child Champion Joella Migliori from Lewisberry

When Joella was born, she was diagnosed with VACTERL Association, a series of birth defects including one that affected her heart. Joella has 15 surgeries before she was six months old and continues to need the services of Penn State Health Children's Hospital including physical therapy, speech therapy and vision services. She also has a feeding tube.

Today, Joella is doing well although she has to be extra careful due to COVID-19. When we asked her what she wants to do one day soon she said "I can't wait for indoor activities like hockey games."

#CMNHershey purchased the pediatric ambulance that transported Joella to the hospital. Her medical journey continued with the support of CMN-funded machines used during one of her open-heart surgeries. CMN also supports the Child Life and Music Therapy programs, which have helped Joella during her many hospitalizations. Watch Joella's video story.

Meet Kennedy from Harrisburg 

Kennedy was born prematurely and was later diagnosed with Chiari Malformation Type 1 (a brain malformation) and  Syringomyelia (a spinal cord cyst or cavity). She has undergone several surgeries and procedures on her brain, spine and vocal cords. During her many hospital stays, Kennedy was helped by Child Life. Her mom, Jayna’, adds “When a beautiful young girl comes in for brain surgery and wakes up with her hair shaved off there aren’t many words that you can say to comfort her. But, when the friendly faces of the Child Life team show up with hair bows and fingernail polish and stickers and games, and I see the light in her eyes return, I know that I will forever be grateful.” The Child Life team also gave Kennedy a medical doll to explain what was happening to her body. Kennedy keeps the doll on her bed as a constant reminder of her bravery. 

Full Miracle Child Print and Video Library

Dollars at Work Examples  

Portable CT Scanner

Donations to Children's Miracle Network fund research, programs and equipment like this portable CT Scanner, which gives doctors the opportunity to obtain head imaging on children who are so critically ill, it's not safe for them to leave the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. That's exactly what happened to Miracle Child Bristol.

Bristol was 14 months old when she woke up from a nap screaming and then passed out. Bristol’s babysitter performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. Her dad is a paramedic and actually heard the call over the police scanner! Turns out, Bristol had experienced a cardiac arrest.

Bristol was flown by Life Lion to Penn State Health Children’s Hospital and underwent life-saving surgery. She also suffered a seizure. Because she was so critical, her caregivers decided to use the portable CT scanner to evaluate seizure activity. It’s not known why Bristol had a cardiac arrest, but her check-ups every three months show her heart is functioning normally! 

3D Heart Printing 

Thanks to funding from Children’s Miracle Network, our Children’s Heart Group team is creating 3D anatomical replicas of the hearts of children with complex congenital heart defects. After a child undergoes imaging from a CT scan or cardiac MRI, data from the scans is used to design the model, which can take up to 80 hours to create with a 3D printer. The model can be built to scale or enlarged for improved viewing.

“You not only have the ability to see the anatomy as it is with a particular heart defect, but there is some potential to virtually plan what you’d do in the operating room,” says Robert Tunks, MD, pediatric cardiologist at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital. The models also help in training medical students and educating family members.

Miracle Child Henry, pictured on right, is posing with a 3D printed model of his own heart! Doctors used the model to plan for his heart surgery. 

Full Dollars at Work Print and Video Library

Extra Life  

Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Participants can play ANY game – video, board, dice, etc. Gamers sign up to support Penn State Health Children’s Hospital, set up a personalized fundraising page, and collect donations from family and friends. Many gamers choose to stream on platforms like Twitch to collect donations and interact with other gamers. Many Miracle Kids are gamers too! Whether they play just for fun or to pass the time during their hospital stays, gaming is a great way to relate to the children you are helping. In addition to all the resources above, here is additional Extra Life content:

Learn more and sign up
Meet Miracle Gamer Christopher
Download local Extra Life social graphics
General media toolkit (general graphics, logos)
Live stream toolkit (Zoom backgrounds, streaming overlays, etc.)
Find local gamers on Twitch
Extra Life partnership guide (employee engagement ideas)
Facebook Extra Life page