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Lifesaving equipment

CMN dollars have helped to purchase essential equipment that saves kids' lives, like pediatric ambulances and transport isolettes that can safely carry even the smallest patients. CMN also funds equipment such as VECTA machines and AngelEye cameras, which help loved ones to stay connected to their babies in the NICU. 

An infant sleeps in a Mamaroo funded by CMN at Penn State Health Children's Hospital

Innovative research

Every year, 40% of CMN's funding is allocated toward innovative pediatric research. These funds are critical at each point along the research journey, fueling ideas and discoveries to real-world solutions that have a huge impact on the lives of children - such as the 3D heart printer technology that helped to save Henry's life.

Miracle Child Henry holds a model of his 3D-printed heart in front of a Children's Miracle Network at Penn State Health Children's Hospital banner

Pediatric Endowments

To help create a lifelong impact for patients and families, CMN established four endowments focused on pediatric research, pediatric cardiology, patient assistance, and medical student equity. Learn more about CMN's endowments.

Making the hospital a little less scary.

Having epilepsy is scary enough. Going to the hospital for a scan shouldn’t have to be. That’s why CMN helps to fund programs like Child Life at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital – to make the hospital a little more normal for kids like Logan.

Logan is a spirited five-year-old who suffers from epilepsy. As part of his care plan, Logan visited the Children’s Hospital for a sedated MRI of his brain. Child Life specialist Erin was ready and waiting for him as soon as Logan arrived. She helped to keep him calm in the hospital environment with distracting toys. Then, she helped to prepare him for the sedated MRI by showing him the anesthesia mask he would be wearing, adding flavored chapstick and stickers to make it less scary, and even practicing putting a matching mask on his stuffed monkey!

Logan’s dad, Justin, said that having attention from the Child Life specialist made his scan much easier, and “made the entire experience joyful.”

Penn State Health Child Life specialist Erin Palm hands a stuffed monkey to pediatric patient Logan in the radiology waiting room, which has a colorful safari mural on the wall

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