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2023 NICU Awareness Month

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As we celebrate NICU Awareness Month, it’s our goal to raise $250,000 to support 10 new Giraffe Warmers in our Level IV NICU. Your support as part of this urgent campaign will help to give the gift of growing up to our tiniest patients. 

When our tiny warriors arrive in our NICU, they need the most nurturing environment possible to allow them to grow and develop. Equipment such as the Giraffe Warmers are crucial for reducing stress in infants, helping to positively support their developing brains. For a brand-new baby, the NICU environment is full of harsh stimuli. The warmers ensure that little bodies are kept warm and that their temperatures are maintained under low-stress conditions while they continue to grow. 

The warmers provide an ideal environment for infants with the most critical care needs, such as surgical patients and patients requiring mechanical ventilation. The Giraffe Warmer has a built-in scale, meaning that these sensitive patients do not need to be picked up and moved to a scale, but rather, can be weighed easily in their beds. This allows the most vulnerable infants to grow peacefully with the least amount of stressful interference. 

Babies are not the only ones who can benefit from specialized equipment like the Giraffe Warmers. For many parents, finding themselves and their baby in the NICU can be overwhelming and unexpected. Every new parent hopes that their baby will be born healthy and strong and wants nothing more than to hold their precious little one in their arms. Having to be separated by the walls of an incubator increases the stress of separation for both parent and child. The unique construction of the Giraffe Omnibed Warmers allows both parents and providers to have easy access to their baby at all times.