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2024 Telethon

Join us on June 3, 2024

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The Gift of Growing Up 

For 40 years, Children's Miracle Network Hershey's annual Telethon has raised funds and awareness to support critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care in central and southcentral Pennsylvania.

In 2023, we raised $342,931. With your help, we plan on exceeding that amount in 2024!

This year's Telethon airs June 3 - 6 on WGAL8. The one-hour finale will broadcast LIVE from Harrisburg, featuring on-set interviews with Miracle Kids and families, care providers, and community partners. Join us for this exciting evening!

Throughout the week, Telethon will spotlight the stories of children who have received life-saving care at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital, including Miracle Champion Harper. As our 2024 Miracle Champion, Harper will also design the artwork on this year's Telethon t-shirt, which is given to donors who pledge $35 a month or make a one-time gift of $420.

Tune in and learn how your support helps give kids like Harper the gift of growing up!

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Putting Dollars to Work

CMN Hershey is dedicated to maximizing the impact of every contribution through careful planning and transparency, ensuring that funds support our mission to help provide the best quality care to sick and injured children in our region. For example, the Life Lion pediatric ambulances make critical care possible for the smallest patients at Penn State Health Children's Hospital. The ambulance is equipped with specialized equipment designed for infants and children, including oxygen masks and pediatric defibrillators. Child-friendly colors and distractions help alleviate anxiety during transportation as our highly trained pediatric care professionals provide age-appropriate medical interventions. 

Ensuring Accessibility

Increasing accessibility to healthcare and well-being ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. CMN Hershey, for example, supports several medical camps across central Pennsylvania, either directly or through scholarships, that welcome hundreds of children with special needs. These medical camps offer a unique opportunity for children facing challenges to experience healing, support, and joy in a safe and nurturing environment. Community gardens also promote health and well-being, serving as vibrant hubs for growing nutritious food, reducing stress, and making social connections. In addition, community gardens alleviate health disparities in underserved areas by expanding access to food. 

Investing in Future Health

Supporting pediatric research is not just about discovering answers it's about unlocking possibilities and nurturing hope. Scientific studies through Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine pave the way for medical advancements that save lives, improve outcomes, and enhance the quality of life. Currently, our experts are making strides in areas like chronic lung disease in young children and effective treatments of eating disorders in young adults.




Miracle Child Benjamin of Harrisburg, PA, was among the Miracle children featured in last year's broadcast. When Benjamin was born four weeks early, doctors realized his lungs were in trouble. He was transported by a CMN-funded pediatric ambulance to Penn State Health Children's Hospital, which had the specialized ventilator needed to save his life.