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Penn State Health Children's Week

Join us on April 3, 2023

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Penn State Health Children's Week is a week to celebrate the miracles that happen every day at Penn State Health Children's Hospital. Your gifts support CMN's Patient Assistance Endowment to help families with the unexpected cost of medication, medical devices, travel expenses, food, and more. Every dollar helps us to reach our goal of raising $100,000 to provide relief for 200 families!

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What Matters Most

Imagine getting ready to leave the hospital after your child’s surgery – only to realize you have no way to get them home safely without calling an ambulance.

Elyse’s family found themselves in exactly this situation. Elyse has a rare genetic disease that causes muscular differences. After dislocating her hip, she went through muscle-lengthening surgery at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital and needed a special hip cast to help her heal.

Thanks to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), this moment of panic turned into a moment of gratitude for Elyse’s family. CMN’s Patient Assistance Fund provided them with an adaptive car seat that is specifically designed for pediatric patients who have hip casts.

“Just knowing that I had a piece of equipment to keep her safe, to keep the cast safe, to keep everything safe, meant the world to me,” says Elyse’s mom, Amanda.

For any family, an unexpected medical expense can be a burden. For families like Elyse’s, who have faced a lifetime of medical needs and costs, knowing that CMN is here to help brings peace of mind.

That’s why during Penn State Health Children’s Week, from April 3-8, we are raising funds to support the CMN Patient Assistance Endowment, which benefits families like Elyse’s.

Your gift will help to provide:

  • food boxes and meal coupons
  • clothing vouchers
  • gas cards and taxi fares
  • support for prescription medication
  • durable medical devices
  • weighted blankets
  • adaptive car seats

Join us as we provide relief for families and celebrate our care providers during Penn State Health Children’s Week. Together, we can make miracles for kids in our community!


Making Miracles Together

Together, we raised $81,796 in 2022 to help give sick and injured children the #GiftofGrowingUp. This year, we're looking to make an even greater impact.