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2023 Pay 4 Play

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Together, we give kids the #GiftofGrowingUp!

Our funds support life-saving equipment, vital patient programs, and innovative research to help provide the best possible care for sick and injured children in our community. Children's Miracle Network has raised more than $87 million for Penn State Children's Hospital since it began locally in 1984. Learn more about how your funds can help give kids like Owen the #GiftofGrowingUp!

In my 6 year journey, I have raised $22,218!  These funds were also matched by local businesses which takes our grand total well over $35,000!

Who am I?

When I was 4 years old, I was at a Hershey Bears hockey game and i was watching the team warm up.  Next thing my mom knew, I had taken a hockey puck to my forehead (it was against the glass) and I fell into Ms. Pam's lap.  Instant goose egg and an immediate trip to the emergency room.  The nurses were so kind and trying to calm mom down more than me!  I was crying because I was missing Brayden Holtby and the Hershey Bears.  The nurses brought me coloring books and crayons, matchbox cars and bubbles.  We came to find out that these items were all donated by Children's Miracle Network.  As I got older, I wanted to know more about CMN and donations.  When I was 9 years old, Hunters' Kid's Helping Kid's was born.

My Fundraising Journey

I started my journey with CMN through our local radio station 105.7 The-X in 2017.    I partnered with them for this event and I quickly became the kid who started it all for Pay4Play.  With my 1st donation, I became the one to start the local program "Kids Helping Kids." 

 2017 - $500 

The first year I wanted to be involved, so I donated my $500 Disney spending money.  Yep!  Every penny i saved from birthdays and holidays for my first trip to DIsney, was donated to the Pay4Play.  Dont worry, mom and dad made sure I still had a great 1st trip to Disney!

2018 - $2,765.00

The next year I wanted to have my friends at school help out.  So I met with my elementary school principal and he agreed to do a Kids helping Kids share campaign at my school.  We raised $1,115 at my school and I raised another $1,650 for a total of $2,765!  

2019 - $3,012

My first middle school year I went BIGGER!  I had a meeting with our School District Superintendent, and ALL 5 Middletown Area School District schools participated in Kids Helping Kids!  The High School cheerleaders used Pay4Play donation buckets to collect donations at the Homecoming Football game, the 6th graders had a Pay to PLAY event in school where you got to pay to get out of class and go play games in the gym!  The other schools and grades also held fun raising events to get us to the $3k amount.


2020 - $1,830

As everyone knows, this is the year COVID hit us all.  We could not do as much as we did in the past, but we still came up with a good amount through various fundraising events. 

2021 - $6560

This was our 1st Hunter's Back 
Yard Bash.  We had a BIG picnic with friends and family in our backyard!  We had food, a DJ, swimming, games, dancing and most of all raffle baskets.  


2022 - $7,551

This was our FIRST ANNUAL PARTY IN THE PARK EVENT! What an event!  We had food, a DJ, The People's Morning Show from 105.7TheX, The Unger Family sharing their son Milo's story, a Dunk Tank, Photo Booth courtesy of Tim McGowan Photograph, Jodi from AFH media provided our photography services, Face Painting and so much more!  What an event this was!  SO many people helped with donations both for raffles and monetary alike!


To see all of our event photos and to learn more about my fundraising and about our 2nd Annual Party in the Park, please join us in our facebook group

2023 Party in the Park 9-30-23 1pm - 5pm Cibort Park, Steelton, PA

So, what can you expect at our 2ND Annual Party in the Park?

                   $5.00 Entry Fee will get you a food voucher, 2 raffle tickets, Ability to purchase raffle tickets, games, music, face painting, water balloon dodge ball, table top games for kids, Banner signing to be taken to Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital.  More to be announced.  Anyone who purchases and wears their Party in the Park T-Shirt will receive an extra raffle ticket at check-in!

2023 Fundraising - see our facebook group

T-Shirt Sale - Be on the lookout for information on how to purchase Hunters Kids Helping Kids, Party in the Park Tshirts!

Touchstone Jewelry - date to be announced

R&K Subs - date to be announced

Fundraising Dinner out - Venue and date to be announced

What is the People's Pay4Play for CMN

The People's Pay 4 Play is a 28-hour radio marathon hosted by Nipsey, Jennifer Shade and now Vince from the People's Morning Show on 105.7 The X to raise money for Children's Miracle Network at Penn State Children's Hospital.  This is an annual event that began 15 years ago!  The event is called The "People's Pay4Play".  You basically pay money to hear any song played on their Rock Radio station.  You want Frank Sinatra?  Well, that's gonna cost you $500!!